Enhance your fitness regime with these delectable salads!


For anyone, whether a fitness freak or not, salads are the best detox from all the junk food we eat almost on a daily basis. Some people get on a salad diet because they have to attend a wedding soon while some eat salads because they love the concept and taste.

A salad by definition is a mixture of vegetables, usually not cooked, that you often eat together with other foods. This definitely sounds utterly boring, right? But, here I am, bringing to you a list of salad recipes that will not only make eating the dish interesting but will also make you fall in love with the concept and the taste.

In order to remain fit and healthy, one needs to consume the right ingredients and for the dish to be delicious, we need to add a sauce that will spruce up the dish entirely. 

Shrimp With Mango Salad

Shrimp with Mango Salad is one such dish that I love and eat all year round. The exceptional flavours brought by the raw mango and the need for meat cured by the prawn makes this dish delectable and packed with heavenly flavours. 

Orange Quinoa Salad

A hint of orange makes everything delicious, don't you agree? This Orange Quinoa Salad is the epitome of great taste. With the flavours of your favourite vegetables and the crunch of the nuts, this dish will definitely be on your go to food list.

Asian Chicken Salad

Asian dishes are loved and consumed by all. Whether it is sushi or dimsums, ramen or rice, each of these dishes is eaten with great satisfaction. This Asian Chicken Salad recipe is one of those that once eaten, becomes an all time favourite. This can also be modified with the addition of sesame seeds to make it an Asian Sesame Salad.

Apple Yogurt Salad

Another exceptional salad recipe, this Apple Yogurt Salad brings great flavour to your taste buds and extreme freshness to your mind, body, and soul. The crunchy apples topped with yogurt with a hint of sourness, makes for an incredible dish that you can prepare and serve to your friends and family. 

Chicken Peach Salad

One might say that the combination of chicken and peach does not sound very appetising. But, that's not true at all. This is actually a super delectable dish that is packed with proteins and nutrients and is topped with a tangy dressing. This dish leaves your taste buds more than satisfied. 

Now, with this list, be ready to fall in love with salads that are not just healthy and wholesome but are equally delicious and delectable. 

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