The perfect menu for your next dinner party!


The winter season calls for extravagant home parties, don't you agree? The cold breeze flowing through the house, a mellow track playing in the background, the constant chitter chatter in the air, all your friends mingling and getting updated with each other's lives- isn't this the perfect evening one could ask for?

Hosting a party involves rigorous planning to ensure everything is in place, ordering the right beverages to ensure your guests consume what they like, and most importantly preparing a menu that will leave them in awe of not just the flavour but the choice of dish.

I understand that the task of organising a get together can be overwhelming and hence, have prepared the perfect menu for you to prepare and woo your guests through their palettes. 

Always start off with an effortless snack 

Your first course or dish should always be something light that doesn't involve much effort to eat. The dish that I personally love eating and serving since it is super easy to prepare and extremely delicious is Corn Chaat Salad. All you need to do is boil, combine, and serve. I also have the perfect recipe for you to follow:

Now comes the heavy snack

Your second course however can be slightly heavy but again, easy to eat. At this point, your guests will be conversing with others and would not want to eat something that requires them to put an effort in setting the plate on a table and eating. Hence, finger foods are absolutely perfect for this course. Again, my personal favourite is Chilli Soya Manchurian. This dish is not light but not too heavy either and is easy to eat since it is a bite sized dish. The recipe I urge you to follow is:

The third and main course 

Your guests have now enjoyed their snack and their beverages and it's finally time to reveal the night's hero- your main course. For this, I prefer to prepare a dish that falls under the 'well-known' category like rajma, chole bhature, pav bhaji, among others. For your menu, I have chosen the world famous- Dal Makhni. Who doesn't love a big bowl of buttery Dal makhni with a side of soft garlic naan? The thought of it makes my mouth water uncontrollably.

The sweet ending 

Your last course is the little cherry on top of a delicious and creamy cake. This is a course that you cannot ignore as everyone waits for a heavenly dessert after a fabulous meal. For this course, you can either play safe with an Indian dessert or you could experiment with any other sweet dish. I have a delightful Instant Malai Puri recipe that you can go ahead with.

I am sure that your guests will laud you for your efforts in preparing these exceptional dishes. Trust me, with this menu, your party is bound to be a huge success!

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